What Do Customers Really Care About?

"I prefer Uber" says one customer.. "Bolt (Taxify) does it for me" says another.. "Little Cab, SWVL, Mondo ride, Safe Boda"... In a world with multiple options to choose from, what really makes a business stand out among the masses and retain loyal customers? Is it: Price? Discounts/ offers? What emotions your business arouses in …

What’s your USP?

  I walked out feeling dejected and disappointed with myself. After days of preparation, memorizing and rehearsals in front of the mirror, I was sure that I would ace this interview to clinch my dream job. I had carefully prepared and anticipated all questions that the hiring manager would ask: "Tell me about yourself? Why …

Secrets To Personal Development As Per Your Age

Self awareness is key in personal development. This is such an eye opener. Thanks!

Pro Investivity

Personal development is a lifelong process of knowing yourself and your potential to live in a better way.

This Coronavirus Pandemicshouldn’t be an obstacle in developing your personal skills. 

As our thinking changes as we get older, we have to make sure it’s on the right track.

It is the only way to accept failures and reinforce ourselves.

So, let’s dive into the different stages of life and how you could develop yourself during them.

The Learning Phase: Before Your 20s

The Learning Phase: Before Your 20s
Just Starting Out!

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