What’s your USP?


I walked out feeling dejected and disappointed with myself.

After days of preparation, memorizing and rehearsals in front of the mirror, I was sure that I would ace this interview to clinch my dream job. I had carefully prepared and anticipated all questions that the hiring manager would ask: “Tell me about yourself? Why do you want this job? What will you bring to the table?” I was sure of my success until I was asked “What makes you unique?” and my mind went blank. I stared the boardroom ceiling for a minute hoping to find the answer scribbled on the ceiling…

I was quiet for a minute, smiled back at the interviewer and gave a not so convincing answer.

As I went home that evening I realized that I wasn’t fully aware of my abilities and what makes me different.

In a world of many, it is important to stand out from the crowd.

Self awareness is needed so as to understand one’s Unique Selling Proposition.

Whether you are a brand, individual or business, understanding what unique benefit makes you stand out from the competition helps one to be distinct among the masses. This gives you a competitive edge and ability to survive any challenges that may shake up the industry.

As the world evolves to become more technology reliant, Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that we can unlearn old habits. We have seen a rise in e-commerce, mobile money transactions, use of video conferencing, office spaces remaining vacant for months as people work remotely, people spending more time on video chats, virtual parties, e-learning, virtual DJs etc. Virtually everything is Virtual!

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So what makes you stand out and remain competitive as the world quickly transforms, new opportunities are created and others become obsolete?

Here are some steps I propose:

  1. Keep learning– spend time learning new skills in your industry and perfecting or advancing your existing skills. Learn from the competition- what are they doing right? What are they doing wrong?
  2. Network– spending time with like-minded personalities in your field helps you to understand and evaluate whether you have what it takes to be competitive. You’ll learn a lot from others and uncover areas of improvement.
  3. Mentorship– Do you have a mentor who constantly pushes you to go above and beyond your abilities?
  4. Self evaluation– every quarter/ often, have deep examination and self searching to see whether you have grown compared with the previous quarter and determine areas of improvement.

Be unique- Keep improving.

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